Cattleya (Blade Flower – The Queen of Orchids)

Cattleya flowers have a great shape. It has a beautiful color and it is resistant to all weather conditions. This makes a lot of people liked Cattleya. 


The flower is perfect for beginners who want to start concentrating on orchid cultivation.
Cattleya flowers originally from Central America and South America


In a plant, the number of flowers may vary. The flowers last for only two weeks. The flowers are large and colorful, but only last for a moment.


Cattleya also called The Queen of Orchids. Cattleya is also known as Free Flowering plant. Because Cattleya does not know any season. It can bloom at any time of the year.


Cattleya hybrids have a wide assortment of types. Most of the Cattleya flowers smell fragrant in the morning and afternoon. 


These flowers measure 5 meters to more than 15 meters. The color of these flowers varies too much, but do not have blue and black.


Their beautiful look with great fragrance make them famous in orchid world. They can be planted to beautify the yard.


Cattleya is a loveable flower and very much favorite for orchid people. 


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