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Daffodils (Narcissus)

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o'er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.
                By William Wordsworth

As it is said by William Wordsworth daffodils can really dance. With charming yellow look daffodils won the heart of so many poets and writers. Daffodils have six yellow petals and a circular corona surrounding the filaments with pollen. 

Daffodils stem are soft and leaves are thin. Seeds of daffodil are black, round and swollen with a hard coat. The three outer segments are sepals, and the three inner segments are petals.

Daffodils and all of their species contain alkaloid poison lycorine. The seed of daffodils (bulbs) which looks like mostly onions and leaves contain poison. Most of the time bulbs are mixed up with onions and can’t be differentiated. So we have to be careful handling the bulbs and leaves of daffodils.

Daffodils can also be used as medicine. In traditional Japanese medicine named Kampo, daffodils roots and white flour paste is used to treat wounds. 

Daffodils are also called narcissus. The ancient Greeks believed that daffodil plants are originated from the vain youth, Narcissus. 

The Narcissus or daffodil is a symbol of vanity in the west and a symbol of wealth and good fortune in the east. 

Daffodils usually bloom in spring but some hybrids can bloom also in autumn. In ancient China, a legend about this flower and a poor but good man holds this flower brought him many cups of gold and wealth. As daffodils bloom in every spring, it has become a symbol of Chinese New Year.

The Daffodil is the national flower of Wales. On Saint David’s day they wear a daffodil.

Daffodils may be of different colors. But yellow is the most prominent one. They can also be available in white or whitish, green, pink, orange or red. Their corona color may be different from color of petals.

A vase full of daffodils is awesome in look and will increase the beauty of your home. Daffodils smell is also elegant. 

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Daisies are very common flower as they grow with the grass and might be considered as weed. But few of their species are grown in the field usually which has the larger diameter of the flower. Daisies are very beautiful and cute flower. Their small colorful petals and yellowish center with pollen makes them elegant.

Actually daisies are from sunflower family.  They are found worldwide. In tropical and subtropical region they are found numerously.

Daisies have usually five to six petals or more (in ox-eye daisies) petals. The flower is round shape. Petals are thin. Leaves are alternate, opposite or whorled.

African daisies: Purple in color and wonderful to look at. Can be planted in pots and can be used to decorate your lawn.

A African Daisy alone in a forest.

Daisies can be grown in fields, garden or in front of your house.

Daisies in a vase with other flowers.

Daisies in a field.

A daisy after rain. Rain drops glitter on daisy petals.

Daisies are of different colors. Usually they are white but hybrids are of different colors. Like: White, yellow, pink, orange etc.

A vase full of daisies can be wonderful. You can decorate your room with it which will give a fresh look. Daisies can also be grown in pots and can be used as an ornamental plant in front of your home, corridor or office.

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Alstroemeria (Peruvian Lily or Lily of the Incas)

Peruvian Lily or Alstroemeria comes with wonderful color combination and beautiful look. A small dot at the start of the petals with different color from the end of the petals makes it look awesome.

The most fascinating thin of Peruvian Lily is that the leaves of it are twisted from the base so that the upper leaf surface is in fact the lower leaf surface.

Peruvian Lily is generally showy. There are six petals in the flower. All of them are roughly similar. The shiny look and wonderful color combination is the main distinction of Peruvian Lily from other flowers.

Many hybrids of Alstroemeria are developed with different colors and markings. Some are white, some are golden yellow and orange, some are pink, red or lavender. They have a special feature. Peruvian Lily attracts Hummingbirds.

Peruvian Lily has a vase life of two weeks. A beautiful vase with these flowers will make your room cool and nice.

Alstroemeria is cultivated for good business purpose. In home garden it will bloom in late spring and early summer. But you have to ensure at least six hours of morning sunlight, regular water, and well-drainage system. 

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Marigold (Tagetes)

The beautiful yellowish look of marigold makes it favorite for different occasions of spring. The yellow color of Marigold might have different shades. Some are deep, some are light yellow. Sometimes it may be available in mixture of yellow and red.

Marigold is actually a combination of so many flowers together. A bunch of flowers in a single stem makes a single marigold. Its petals are small in size. The plant usually size from 0.01-2.2 m tall. They have small green leaves. They grow almost in all soil with good drainage.

Marigolds beautiful look makes its use perfect as ornamental plant. You can plant them in small pots and use them as your decoration of home and offices. They are also grown in fields. Marigold plantation might be a good business for florists.

Marigold has antibacterial elements in it. It can stop bleeding. So it can be used in first aid.

You can use marigold in different occasions to decorate your house, cars, or offices. You can gift a bunch of marigold to your loved ones as a symbol of freshness and purity. Its light smell and yellow look soothes heart.


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With a variety of colors and look Tulip comes with amazing beauty. Usually a single tulip blooms per stem. They are used as ornamental plants in garden and also in houses. 

Vase full of tulips will give you a fresh start of the day. Tulips are of different colors as: red, blue, pink, orange, purple or yellow and even in many other colors. 

Tulips have a historical background, during the Ottoman Empire; the tulips became very popular and were seen as a symbol of abundance and indulgence. In fact, the wealthiest era of Ottoman Empire was often called the Tulip era. Special attention has been given to these beautiful flowers in classic and modern Persian Literature.  

The French author Alexandre Dumas describes Black Tulip as the title of a historical romance.  Today, Tulip festivals are held around the world, including in the Netherlands and Spalding, England.

Now-a-days tulips are grown in fields. It’s a popular business to grow tulips and sell them in different occasions. 

Tulips have different meanings. You can gift tulips to your friends, family or loved ones to express your feelings.

pink     caring
purple     royalty
red     declaration of love
white       forgiveness
yellow     hopelessly in love
Violet     faithfulness
Wisteria     steadfast
Yarrow     good health

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Water Lily (Nymphaeaceae)

Water Lily, a beautiful flower that peeps up from water to welcome you in the world of natural beauty. It has thin petals with yellowish filaments. Its petals can be in many colors like white, yellow, pink, light blue or light red.

Thin alternate petals with shiny color give feelings of freshness in mind. Water Lilies have lily pads on water. The flower comes out of water through a thin soft tube.

Water lilies are rooted in soil in bodies of water, with leaves and flowers floating on the water surface. The leaves are round or fully circular.

This beautiful nature of water lilies has lead to their use as ornamental plants which can be placed in front of large hotels or office buildings in a pool or small pond.

Water lilies are of two main categories: hardy and tropical. Only during the day Hardy water lilies bloom, but in case of tropical water lilies it can bloom either during the day or at night, and are the only group to contain blue-flowered plants.

Usually water lilies grow naturally. As it is escaped from cultivation so it became an invasive flower.
White water lily is the national flower of Bangladesh and Blue water lily is the national flower of Sri Lanka.

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Rose is the ultimate symbol of beauty. Roses can speak. They have different meanings for different colors. Sometimes they can speak more than a man could. People are passionate about roses. Their soft smooth colorful petals are lovable. They have the power to change heart. When you can’t express yourself then better try with a rose which might express you to your loved ones.   

This pink rose above with beautiful petals and charming look soothes heart. Its a symbol of innocence. Look at this and you can feel its fragrance, you can touch its smoothness. You can gift a pink rose to your close friend as a symbol of friendship. 

Blue rose at its elegance gives you the feel of purity and love. A blue rose can be your word for pure love and innocence. Gift a blue rose to your loved one when you wanna show pure love and affection.

Usually green roses are hybrid and they have a beautiful and charming look in your vase. You can arrange them will other colors of roses to decorate your room and office.

Red roses are the most beautiful and charming one to express passionate love to your loved ones. A bunch of red roses can express your words and feelings for him/her.

A vase full of red roses.

You can plant roses in your garden to enhance the beauty of it and give it a smart shiny and loveable look. Few rose plants with bloomed roses can give you an extra-ordinary look for your office or home. You can also have a good business if you plant roses as your crop. 

Roses are also used in perfume making. Their petals have rose oil which is the main ingredient of perfume or rose water. Jam, Jelly and marmalade are made from rose hips. They contain high Vitamin C. They are also used to make rose hip syrup, rose hip seed oil etc.

Roses are of different colors, like red, yellow, pink, blue, green or even black. They have the meanings:

Pink: Friendship 

Red: Passionate love 

Red & white: Unity 

White: Purity 

Yellow: Zealous

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