Cactus is usually seen as an ornamental plant. Due to variations of this plant we can see them everywhere. Most of them grow in places where there is less water. 


Cactus is basically originated from America. These plants have wide range from variety of shapes, colors, and flowers. Even the needless also have its own aesthetic values.


Cactus flower is a favorite plant for people who are busy. Why? Because the cactus flowers do not need to be frequently watered. :P


Cactus can grow very easily, even when it is very dry. Don’t water cactus plants too much otherwise they will die.


Cactus flower has a very striking shape. They are different than the flowers of other plants. The tree is thorny and flower located directly above. Certainly you can detect that it is a cactus flower


Cactus flowers are also known as Epiphyllum or orchid cactus. Epiphyllum flower has a fragrance smell of boiling. The plant can be up to 20 cm in diameter. 

These plants are shaped like small stones. Their size is not more than 5 cm. such cactuses are like: Lithop, Titanopsis, Lapidaria, Penestraria, and Gibbaeum. 

There are also giant cacti, such as Cereus peruvianus. The structure is typical of prickly cactus plants. Thorn tree cactus can be very short and small as to be difficult to detect.


Can also be very large and sharp thorns as in Echinocactus. Biasanya ancient Indians utilize cactus sap as a traditional medicine

Cactus flowers do not lose competitiveness with other flowering plants; they also already have loyal fans.

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