Adenium Obesum (Desert Rose)


Adenium Obesum, also known as Desert Rose, is the native flower of Eastern Africa and Northern Arabia. They grow in full sun. Desert Roses are named so because they are very heat tolerant. 


Desert Roses can grow anywhere. Plants are usually from 6-12 feet tall. These flowers are very attractive. But the most interesting thing is their unusual trunk. For this reason Adenium or Desert Roses are very popular among cacti and succulent collectors.

Adenium obesum (Desert Rose) colors pink to red. Desert Roses are usually planted from seeds. But many hybrids are developed in various nurseries in Thailand and Taiwan.

Adeniums are appreciated for their beautiful colors. Most of the time they are grown in home. They are commonly used for bonsai as they can be grown for many years in a pot.

The sap of Adenium obesum or Desert Rose contains toxic cardiac glycosides.  So it is used as arrow poison throughout Africa for hunting.

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