Allamanda comes with a sweet and beautiful yellowish look. They are also known as Yellow Bell, Golden Trumpet or Buttercup Flower. Allamanda was named after Dr. Frédéric-Louis Allamand (1735-1803) who was a Swiss botanist of the late 18th century.

Most of the time, they are yellow. But they can be of various colors, like: yellow, white, brown, purple etc. Usually Allamanda has bright color. Allamanda has a very nice shape like a trumpet. They bloom all the year. The stem of Allamanda is hard and gummy.

Allamanda plants usually have a height of 3-8 meters. So they are widely planted to beautify the walls. Alamanda is native to South and Central America. They bloom year round. Their bright yellow color with trumpet shape made them perfect for ornamentals. 

The leaves of Allamanda are lancelike and pointed. The flowers are 5-7.5 centimetres in diameter. Allamanda has a delicate and fruity scent. 

Allamanda usually grows in the wild. Most of the time, they are found along riverbanks and other open, sunny areas where adequate rainfall and moist soil is available. Allamanda cannot grow under shades. 

Allamanda sap has antibacterial and possibly anticancer properties. The beautiful yellow Allamanda soothes heart. 


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