Rose is the ultimate symbol of beauty. Roses can speak. They have different meanings for different colors. Sometimes they can speak more than a man could. People are passionate about roses. Their soft smooth colorful petals are lovable. They have the power to change heart. When you can’t express yourself then better try with a rose which might express you to your loved ones.   

This pink rose above with beautiful petals and charming look soothes heart. Its a symbol of innocence. Look at this and you can feel its fragrance, you can touch its smoothness. You can gift a pink rose to your close friend as a symbol of friendship. 

Blue rose at its elegance gives you the feel of purity and love. A blue rose can be your word for pure love and innocence. Gift a blue rose to your loved one when you wanna show pure love and affection.

Usually green roses are hybrid and they have a beautiful and charming look in your vase. You can arrange them will other colors of roses to decorate your room and office.

Red roses are the most beautiful and charming one to express passionate love to your loved ones. A bunch of red roses can express your words and feelings for him/her.

A vase full of red roses.

You can plant roses in your garden to enhance the beauty of it and give it a smart shiny and loveable look. Few rose plants with bloomed roses can give you an extra-ordinary look for your office or home. You can also have a good business if you plant roses as your crop. 

Roses are also used in perfume making. Their petals have rose oil which is the main ingredient of perfume or rose water. Jam, Jelly and marmalade are made from rose hips. They contain high Vitamin C. They are also used to make rose hip syrup, rose hip seed oil etc.

Roses are of different colors, like red, yellow, pink, blue, green or even black. They have the meanings:

Pink: Friendship 

Red: Passionate love 

Red & white: Unity 

White: Purity 

Yellow: Zealous

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