With a variety of colors and look Tulip comes with amazing beauty. Usually a single tulip blooms per stem. They are used as ornamental plants in garden and also in houses. 

Vase full of tulips will give you a fresh start of the day. Tulips are of different colors as: red, blue, pink, orange, purple or yellow and even in many other colors. 

Tulips have a historical background, during the Ottoman Empire; the tulips became very popular and were seen as a symbol of abundance and indulgence. In fact, the wealthiest era of Ottoman Empire was often called the Tulip era. Special attention has been given to these beautiful flowers in classic and modern Persian Literature.  

The French author Alexandre Dumas describes Black Tulip as the title of a historical romance.  Today, Tulip festivals are held around the world, including in the Netherlands and Spalding, England.

Now-a-days tulips are grown in fields. It’s a popular business to grow tulips and sell them in different occasions. 

Tulips have different meanings. You can gift tulips to your friends, family or loved ones to express your feelings.

pink     caring
purple     royalty
red     declaration of love
white       forgiveness
yellow     hopelessly in love
Violet     faithfulness
Wisteria     steadfast
Yarrow     good health

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