Marigold (Tagetes)

The beautiful yellowish look of marigold makes it favorite for different occasions of spring. The yellow color of Marigold might have different shades. Some are deep, some are light yellow. Sometimes it may be available in mixture of yellow and red.

Marigold is actually a combination of so many flowers together. A bunch of flowers in a single stem makes a single marigold. Its petals are small in size. The plant usually size from 0.01-2.2 m tall. They have small green leaves. They grow almost in all soil with good drainage.

Marigolds beautiful look makes its use perfect as ornamental plant. You can plant them in small pots and use them as your decoration of home and offices. They are also grown in fields. Marigold plantation might be a good business for florists.

Marigold has antibacterial elements in it. It can stop bleeding. So it can be used in first aid.

You can use marigold in different occasions to decorate your house, cars, or offices. You can gift a bunch of marigold to your loved ones as a symbol of freshness and purity. Its light smell and yellow look soothes heart.


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  1. I like your pictures. I've been looking for these flowers for October :)