Daisies are very common flower as they grow with the grass and might be considered as weed. But few of their species are grown in the field usually which has the larger diameter of the flower. Daisies are very beautiful and cute flower. Their small colorful petals and yellowish center with pollen makes them elegant.

Actually daisies are from sunflower family.  They are found worldwide. In tropical and subtropical region they are found numerously.

Daisies have usually five to six petals or more (in ox-eye daisies) petals. The flower is round shape. Petals are thin. Leaves are alternate, opposite or whorled.

African daisies: Purple in color and wonderful to look at. Can be planted in pots and can be used to decorate your lawn.

A African Daisy alone in a forest.

Daisies can be grown in fields, garden or in front of your house.

Daisies in a vase with other flowers.

Daisies in a field.

A daisy after rain. Rain drops glitter on daisy petals.

Daisies are of different colors. Usually they are white but hybrids are of different colors. Like: White, yellow, pink, orange etc.

A vase full of daisies can be wonderful. You can decorate your room with it which will give a fresh look. Daisies can also be grown in pots and can be used as an ornamental plant in front of your home, corridor or office.

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